Bobbie’s Dairy Dip

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip Nashville TN
Area Sylvan Park / The Nations
The Story about Bobbie’s

Bobbie's Dairy Dip Nashville TN What's Cookin' Nashville

Best Burgers, Shakes & Ice Cream in Nashville, since 1951!
Please note that our Kitchen always closes one hour before we stop serving Ice Cream. Hours listed on this page show the closing time for Ice Cream.

In the same Sylvan Park location for more than half a century, Bobbie’s is a delightful blast from the past, a favorite family pit stop for hand-patted burgers, fresh-cut fries and soft ice cream treats. Grilled chicken sandwiches and jumbo beef hot dogs round out the grill menu, and the sweet potato fries are a favorite. There are a few meat-free patty options, too. Just don’t leave without one of their amazing dipped soft-serve cones (the large is taller than your head) or specialty shakes.

Map for 5301 Charlotte Pike Nashville, TN 37209

The Silo Mural Nashville

The Silo Mural Nashville
The Nations Area


The Nations Silo Mural Nashville TN What's Cookin Nashville

The Video Story by Day

An abandoned concrete silo looms over The Nations neighborhood, eerie and empty. The historic Nashville landmark was nearly torn down. Instead, it’s becoming the centerpiece of the community’s redevelopment.

A 15-story painting is unfolding, revealing an elderly man who lived nearly all his life within sight of the silo, and neighbors are gathering at patio bars to watch as the process unfolds.

The artist is Australian Guido Van Helten, an internationally acclaimed muralist known for large-scale portraits that are so realistic they look like they could be oversized photographs. He uses a nearly black and white paint palette, allowing the gritty emotion of his subject to come through. And he likes to make a statement by painting local people.

For the Nations, Van Helten chose 91-year-old Lee Estes, known to friends as LD. He has called this neighborhood home since the late 1920s.


“It’s definitely a positive thing to commemorate people who have lived here for a long time,” Van Helten says. “You know, why do people want to live here? Part of the reason is it’s a good community, it’s got a history, people like that when they move to a place.”

Estes can certainly provide a history of the neighborhood. He says when he was growing up his family didn’t have indoor plumbing. They raised chickens for eggs and meat, milked their own cow, churned their own butter, and neighbors raised hogs. The only place for a boy to go was St. Luke’s Community House, where he played basketball and went to dances. The Nations was largely an industrial area. He remembers Nashville Hardwood and Flooring, Ingram Spinning Mill, and four fertilizer plants. He also remembers the silo.

More: Nashville artist Brian Siskind has been filming the mural’s progress via drone.

“It used to be Gilette grainery,” he says. “And we had another, Purina grainery, that was demolished years ago, but they left this one as a historical part of the Nations.”

He’s been watching the change – houses on either side of his have been torn down for new construction, chic restaurants are opening, and young adults are moving in, finding the area more affordable than many other parts of Nashville. People constantly knock on his door offering impressive sums to buy the modest house he built in 1952.

“Now, they’re building two houses where one property was built before, and all the older neighborhood has pretty well gone out or moved other places, very few of us are left,” Estes says. “And eventually I guess they’ll get us. Hopefully I can live my lifetime where I am.

Estes spent his working years in the purchasing department at Genesco. Now he spends his days sauntering around the neighborhood, volunteering to help other seniors in craft projects at St. Luke’s, and checking in daily at a food market formerly owned by his late brother. He’s well known in the neighborhood, but his celebrity status has now skyrocketed.

Whats Cookin Nashville Gold Line


Whats Cookin Nashville Gold Line

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Hattie B’s Hot Chicken From ‘Fried & True’


Maggie Mariolis Hatti B's Nashville TN Hot Chicken Sandwich Instagram

We’re starting this week of fried chicken off with a bang. This recipe for Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, from Lee Brian Schrager’s Fried & True: More than 50 Recipes for America’s Best Fried Chicken and Sides, packs the heat and is quite possibly my favorite recipe in the book. Burnished a deep, hell-fire red with a finishing coat of cayenne-amplified oil, the bird is emphatically crunchy with juicy and flavorful meat.

As Schrager tells it, hot chicken traces its incendiary roots to a enterprising philanderer in the 1930s, whose jealous girlfriend attempted to punish his tastebuds by sabotaging his fried chicken with the fiery juice of the peppers in her garden. Ironically, he liked it enough to open a chicken shack, Prince’s Hot Chicken, which still specializes in what is now Nashville’s trademark dish. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is a relative newcomer on the scene, opening in 2012, but has quickly established itself as a contender for the crown. Owner Nick Bishop and chef John Lasater sell their chicken in five heat levels, the hottest being Shut the Cluck Up!!! (exclamation points theirs). If I had to rate this recipe’s heat, I would put it somewhere between their Hot and their Damn Hot. Powerful but not prohibitive.

Why I picked this recipe: I’d heard about this ‘hyper-regional’ specialty, but I’d never tasted it myself. When a dish has come to dominate and represent the culinary scene of a major US city, it must be worth a try!

What worked: The whole process resulted in well-flavored meat and the crispiest crust of the recipes I tested. It started with a simple 24-hour dry brine of salt and pepper. The chicken was then double dipped in a milk/egg/hot sauce mixture and a minimalist dredge of salt-seasoned flour. It fried at a moderate temperature of 325°, which let the breading get hard as glass while perfectly cooking the large pieces of chicken. And the spicy coating, for which you can use melted lard or a scoop of the hot cooking oil, is thick with cayenne kept just barely in check with a touch of brown sugar and other seasonings.

What didn’t: You can’t complain when your mouth is on fire (and there’s nothing to complain about).

Suggested tweaks: So utterly non-traditional, but I can’t help thinking you could make a mean taco with any leftovers.

As usual, we are giving away 5 copies of Fried & True this week.

Reprinted from Fried & True by Lee Schrager with Adeena Sussman. Copyright (c) 2014 by Lee Schrager. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, a division of Random House, LLC.

The Highest Paid CEO in Food

Delicious hamburger on wooden table
© Alex Raths / Getty Images
By Mike Pomranz Posted April 19, 2017

And he’s not from McDonald’s or Chipotle.

Sardar Biglari is a busy man. He’s CEO of the Midwestern-based burger chain Steak ‘n Shake. It’s one of the many restaurants he’s invested in or has been invested in over the years. He’s also the editor-in-chief of Maxim Magazine, which he owns though his holding company Biglari Holdings, of which, of course, he is also the CEO. There’s also Biglari’s hedge fund, Biglari Capital: he’s also CEO of that. And according to the San Antonio Express, this all is simply scratching the surface. Here is man who, we assume, doesn’t spend much time fiddling around on Facebook.


Needless to say, anyone with that many CEO titles is going to want to pocket some cash at the end of the year for his efforts. And apparently he does. His salary as CEO of Biglari Holdings is $900,000. But that wasn’t the number that has raised some eyebrows this past year. Biglari Holdings also reportedly paid an incentives package to Biglari Capital, a company Biglari alone owns, of $31.6 million, as shown in SEC filings. That would put Biglari’s total 2016 compensation package at $32.5 million. As Nation’s Restaurant News points out, “That’s more than the CEOs of McDonald’s Corp. and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. earned last year. Combined.”

As we’ve all come to expect, these days, big CEO incentive packages aren’t really that uncommon. Still, Biglari’s compensation was labeled “peculiar” by one industry expert. “It’s extremely problematic for a CEO to be compensated through a very opaque mechanism like this,” Richard Clayton, research director for shareholder advocate CtW Investment Group, told the San Antonio Express. “In contrast to almost literally every other publicly traded company out there, this is an enormously opaque and difficult-to-understand set of compensation mechanisms.”

For the record, you can read Biglari’s incentive agreement on the Biglari Holding’s website. Though for anyone unfamiliar with documents like this, be warned that it’s going to be heavier than a steakburger and cheese fries. Maybe the problem is that the CEOs of McDonald’s and Chipotle simply aren’t working hard enough. Aren’t there any other companies they could simultaneously be CEOs of?

Star Bagel Cafe – Nashville

Menu Board
Menu Items and Daily Specials
4504 Murphy Rd. Nashville, TN – 615-292-7993
Open 6 am to 6 pm Daily

from the owner

Star Bagel started as a small bakery in west nashville in 1995. We are the Oldest and only Locally owned and operated Bagel Cafe in Nashville. We have won several awards for our bagels. My focus was to make the best bagels and cream cheese spreads using the finest ingredients. Since those beginning days our store has developed into more of what people call a “bakery cafe” offering many creative salads, soups, and sandwiches on our own Bakery Breads.

Have you won any awards for your bagels? Yes,

We won a bagel TASTE test competition held by the JCC Jewish Community Center in 1995,The Tennessee Bagel Testers voted us best in 1996, in 2007,09,11 & 2013 we were listed as winners of Best Bagel in Nashville by The Best Restaurants in Nashville , and 2008-12 Best Bagel in Nashville Scene Readers Poll.

What Makes Star Bagel Cafe Better than everybody else? This question as several layers of answers, a) quality b) convenience c) employees

a) All of our products are made with only the finest ingredients I can find and prepared properly. Anybody can buy expensive ingredients but if you treat them poorly the results will show in the final product. From the Flour we use to Honey, Vegetables, Meats, Eggs, and Cheeses. This is how we make really great tasting and good for you food. One think I try to stress is prepare the food in a loving manner.

…update 3/2013. During the last year I have been especially more conscious about our ingredients. Our Chicken and Turkey are from thoes with not added hormones. And almost all of our dairy is bRST free. This is a hormone that is given to dairy cows to increase their production of milk. Currently our shredded cheddar is the only dairy Item that is not bRST free. and I am working on that… We use Local and Organic when possible. One thing I am particularly invested in is freeing our establishment of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Currently it is in a couple of our salad dressings, Coke products, and Chocolate Sauce that we make. My goal is to be completely free except Coke by May 2013. And of course our Breads and Bagels have NO preservatives.

I was speaking with a customer one day and she told me that since she switched to our bread she felt better. I hope each of you feel great after you eat our food. I truly believe that what we are doing at Star Bagel is not just trying to be a business that makes a profit. I want to serve nutritious and delicious food at a price people can afford.

What we are doing is important. And I do not take that lightly. So if you see someone running around the store with a tense look on his face even though things seem to be slow. That is probably either myself or Peter Burns the manager. We are very serious about making your visit the best it can be and that can be quite stressful.
Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions that need answering please don’t hesitate to email me.

b) one of my goals is to provide a great tasting product efficiently, usually even with a long line it only takes a few minutes to get your food. Our goal is for you to have your food in 2 -3 minutes for small items and 5-6 minutes for Deli Sandwiches. This is great for people in a hurry.

c) When I hire staff – there are several obvious things I look for but one of the most important is Sweetness. The person must have a sweet heart. Of course I look for experience and if I think they can do the job and will fit in with everyone else but being sweet is a big deal to me. It does not matter to me whether they are a male of female, either can have a sweet heart. I believe that sweet people make better food. In other words “THEY CARE”

A lot of people ask me why open a bagel shop? When I was in college, I was an avid runner, swimmer, & cyclist even competing and finishing an 1/2 ironman triathalon. While running I noticed a bagel shop on West End and stumbled on in. I used these bagels as fuel and have been addicted ever since.

All throughout my early childhood I had some type of business. My first was collecting aluminum cans for 25 cents a pound. With the money I save I started a Sports Cards Business. And about the time I graduated I was thinking what about opening a business instead of “getting a job”. Although the earlier businesses were helpful in starting Star Bagel, nothing really can compare to opening a business with a storefront. Well, anyway after about 18 months of temp jobs, research, and saving money, Star Bagel Company was born.

How did you come up with the name Star Bagel? There were a lot of potential names that we could use. Some of the more obvious would be to use regional names like New York or Brooklyn. One goal for a name was to come up with something that could be used (potentially nationwide) in a variety of locations and not get too caught up with a particular region of the country. Another criteria was to come up with a name that was recognizable and implied quality and could be used playfully in marketing. I feel that Star hit all of these goals plus it had not been trademarked.

We added the term Cafe and introduced our new Cafe Logo in 1997. This change was to show our customers and Nashville that we had revised our concept form a strict bagel shop to a more relaxed Cafe setting. This change has since morphed into our Bakery Cafe concept menu (2005) that has been widely praised by our customers.

How did you learn to make Bagels? Well, I did a lot of research calling as many people as i could. Included in my research was what I call the “bagel trip” – a trip starting in Nashville to Chicago then to New Jersey and New York. It was fun an I learned a lot. On the way I met a self professed New York Bagel King, who at one time was product development president of a large national bagel company. He showed me a lot. His way to make the best bagels and cream cheese spreads. Although most of the basics I was taught have not change, I have made a few of modifications to the recipe to make the bagels Better. Don’t ask me what I did, you will just get a smile.

Do you plan on opening more stores? Yes, but they man be licensed or franchised and not necessarily company owned. I am however always looking for a great Star Bagel Cafe – Bakery Cafe location.


What’s Cookin’ Sylvan Park

Tennessee Flavors 2017 Nashville

THE EVENT – Tickets

Tennessee Flavors is an annual tasting event that brings together Nashville’s top restaurants and food and beverage artisans for a delicious evening in support of the Nashville State Community College Foundation. Our focus is on Tennessee-sourced products and the culinary talents and local flavors that help make our growing community so special.

Each year, Nashville State hosts Tennessee Flavors at the College’s main campus on White Bridge Road, right in the heart of West Nashville. Now in its 6th year, this annual tasting event has become a beloved tradition for both friends of the Foundation and the wider food-loving community. In 2017, Tennessee Flavors will once again be held in the College’s beautiful Health & Humanities Building on the north end of campus.


The Nashville State Community College Foundation was established in 1994 as an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization and operates for the sole benefit and support of NSCC and its students. Through the generous support of alumni, community friends, corporations, and private foundations, the Foundation works to expand access to higher education and further regional workforce and economic development. By raising funds for scholarships, program and infrastructure improvements, and grants for faculty and staff that enhance student learning opportunities, the Foundation strives to ensure that resources are available to support the homegrown talent that Nashville State produces for our local workforce.

For more information about the Foundation, visit or reach out to Michelle Joyner or Lauren Bell.

Tennessee Flavors is an annual tasting event that brings together Nashville’s top restaurants and food and beverage artisans for a delicious evening in support of the Nashville State Community College Foundation. Our focus is on Tennessee-sourced products and the culinary talents and local flavors that help make our growing community so special.

Your ticket grants you access to as many tasty samples as you can handle. Bring your appetite!


What’s Cookin’Nashville


West46th Community Nashville


West46th is your recipe for a genuine and homegrown Nashville lifestyle. We wanted to go back to the good ole’ days for a 100% real Nashville experience minus the tourists and the crowds. With easy access to West End and Downtown, West46th allows you to experience what the city has to offer while still enjoying the local neighborhood feel of the Sylvan Park community.

You really can have your homemade cake and eat it too.

West46th Community Nashville


  • Centrally located with easy Interstate access
  • Walking distance to iconic Sylvan Park restaurants and bars
  • Convenient and extensive parks and running trails nearby
  • Bike share program for accessible biking paths
  • 24 hour fitness room with free weights and cardio equipment
  • 2 community courtyards with grills and pet-friendly spaces
  • 2 lounges with flat screen TVs for social gatherings
  • Pet friendly



  • Boutique studio, 1 and 2 bedroom floor plans with 9’ ceilings
  • Controlled access building with private parking garage
  • Plank flooring throughout kitchen, dining and living area
  • Designer lighting package
  • Granite countertops in kitchen and bath(s)
  • Sleek black Energy Star® appliances
  • Stylish tile backsplash
  • Upgraded ceramic tile flooring in bath(s)
  • High-efficiency HVAC system
  • Built-in microwave
  • Chestnut cabinetry
  • Stacked full-size washer/dryer in each residence
  • Pantry storage
  • Private balconies available
  • Pre-wired for high-speed internet, cable and wireless security

What’s Cookin’ Sylvan Park

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Five Points Pizza Heads to Sylvan Park

Five Points Pizza Heads to Sylvan Park

Popular East Nashville pizza joint expands to Charlotte Avenue

The popular East Nashville restaurant Five Points Pizza is opening a second location — on one of Nashville’s fastest-changing roads.

The restaurant will lease 4,600 square feet within a building newly under construction at 4100 Charlotte Ave., which is being developed by Mt. Juliet-based Commercial Realty Services. The developer disclosed the new restaurant to the Nashville Business Journal on Tuesday.

The three-story building will be anchored by the headquarters of office technology supplier NovaCopy. The building will open in spring 2017; Ikon Construction started work on-site this month, across the street from a retail strip that Commercial Realty Services also developed, featuring Flip Burger.

This project, named Sylvan Station, accelerates the ongoing revitalization of Charlotte Avenue, which features smaller-scale construction like this and several major mixed-use developments. As seen on our Crane Watch map, those include the newly opened Hill Center Sylvan Heights development across the street and a planned overhaul of the cavernous L&L Restaurant Equipment Co. building — as well as the OneCity and Capitol View developments closer to downtown.

Other retail space remains available for lease, said Kayce Foote, spokeswoman at Commercial Realty Services.

Five Points Pizza opened in 2011 and has established itself as one of the best-known and most-frequented pizza joints in the city. (If it’s any indication of their popularity, Lyft says more of their patrons request rides to or from Five Points Pizza than any other restaurant in the city.) The restaurant is owned by David Tieman, Tara Ertichek and Tanner Jacobs.

The owners were not immediately available for comment. We hope to catch up with them soon; check back for more at

Adam covers commercial real estate and manufacturing.

Fat Bottom Brewing Moving to The Nations Nashville

Fat Bottom Brewing Moving to The Nations Nashville TN


Fat Bottom Brewery is getting ready to close the doors to its East Nashville taproom, but there’s no reason to weep into your beer glass, unless you’re weeping tears of joy about their massive new space in The Nations.

A representative with Fat Bottom confirmed with NOBLE that the brewery’s East Side location will close Saturday, Oct. 1. The brewery is getting ready to double its size from its current East Nashville location to 33,000 square feet once it calls 800 44th Ave. N. home. Expect a spacious beer garden, brewpub, taproom and restaurant called the “The Hop Yard” once they settle into their new digs in The Nations.


While an exact opening date for the brewery’s new location has yet to be confirmed, Fat Bottom plans to work on expanding its beer portfolio, starting with their new Tempest line, a “sour and barrel-aged beers that will feature unique ingredients and flavor profiles,” according to Fat Bottom.


Read the rest of the story…………….