Fat Bottom Brewing Moving to The Nations Nashville

Fat Bottom Brewing Moving to The Nations Nashville TN


Fat Bottom Brewery is getting ready to close the doors to its East Nashville taproom, but there’s no reason to weep into your beer glass, unless you’re weeping tears of joy about their massive new space in The Nations.

A representative with Fat Bottom confirmed with NOBLE that the brewery’s East Side location will close Saturday, Oct. 1. The brewery is getting ready to double its size from its current East Nashville location to 33,000 square feet once it calls 800 44th Ave. N. home. Expect a spacious beer garden, brewpub, taproom and restaurant called the “The Hop Yard” once they settle into their new digs in The Nations.


While an exact opening date for the brewery’s new location has yet to be confirmed, Fat Bottom plans to work on expanding its beer portfolio, starting with their new Tempest line, a “sour and barrel-aged beers that will feature unique ingredients and flavor profiles,” according to Fat Bottom.


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